Finance Department


The Finance Department, although not a division on its own, sits between the Criminal and Civil Divisions and is responsible for all of the organization’s cash flow, which includes internal and external collection efforts, financial reporting and tracking, and planning and trend forecasting. It is a complex department with many moving parts that range from accepting payments to assisting in making strategic financial decisions for the organization.

Finance team consists of Accounting/Bookkeeping, Audit team, Cashiers, Collections/Escrow, and Satellite locations. Team provides services that range from accepting payments, disbursing funds to other agencies, setting up payment plans, and offers a  Driver's Assistance Program to reinstate defendant driver licenses upon satisfying the criteria. 

Mission Statement:

The mission of General Sessions’ Finance Department is to provide accurate and efficient accounting and financial reporting, which includes, but is not limited to; payments, collecting and disbursing of funds for the transactions of General Sessions Criminal and Civil Divisions in compliance with relevant standards and principles, statutory mandates, and our own departmental policies and procedures.

Core Objectives for Finance are: 

  • Continuous reviews of business processes to capitalize on our strengths through the use of technology and automation, as well as taking more innovative approaches towards improvement.
  • Continue to strengthen internal controls and ensure consistency for both the Criminal and Civil Division.
  • Ongoing updates and revisions to policy and procedures to include cash management, managing data, and audit planning.
  • Continue departmental efforts to enhance the skill set of each staff member with a focus on customer and employee satisfaction by providing training opportunities, internal cross-training and assisting staff with professional development plans.
  • Remain consistent in providing timely and accurate payments and financial data and to ensure that our data is above reproach.